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Shanghai implements' the strictest ever 'waste separation what to do with chemical waste

Issuing time:2019-07-15 17:06

Since July 1, the "strictest" garbage classification has been officially implemented in Shanghai. According to the regulations of Shanghai municipal solid waste management, Shanghai municipal solid waste is divided into four categories according to recyclables, hazardous solid waste, wet solid waste and dry solid waste. Individuals or units not according to the provisions of classified waste will face penalties, the maximum fine of 200 yuan individuals! Unit maximum fine 500 thousand yuan! Serious revocation of unit business service license!

上海实施'史上最严'垃圾分类 化工废料该何去何从

The first fine of 50 yuan was issued at 9am today, the first day after the regulation came into effect.

China is a big country in chemical production and demand for chemical products.In the production process of chemical products, different forms of chemical wastes will be generated, that is, leftover leftover materials in the production and utilization process of chemical raw materials, or polluted wastes that cannot be reused in the production process.They can be divided into solid waste and liquid waste.

At present, the development of chemical production process in chemical production has been in the development stage, and the research and development of chemical process has become increasingly hot in recent years. With the continuous promotion of the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and low-carbon life, the emphasis on the environment is also gradually enhanced.Therefore, it is necessary to change it in time in chemical production.In the past, it was often difficult to effectively solve the problem of pollution emission caused by chemical industry, and the emission of chemical waste was very serious, which brought great pollution to our living environment.Therefore, the disposal of chemical waste is very important.

上海实施'史上最严'垃圾分类 化工废料该何去何从

Treatment technology of chemical pollution

1. Improvement of process flow

From the whole process of chemical raw materials to final chemical products, it can be concluded that the same chemical product can be made from several chemical raw materials through different synthetic routes.Different raw materials and routes not only determine the production efficiency, but also affect the emission of pollutants in the production process.Thus reduce the discharge of chemical waste, save chemical resources and reduce the impact of the whole process of chemical production on the environment.

On the other hand, the pollution in the synthesis process of chemical products does not only come from the raw materials. If the catalysts and organic solvents used in the resynthesis process are not properly treated, they will also cause serious environmental pollution.

2. Chemical waste treatment technology

The wastes generated in the process of chemical product synthesis shall be processed in accordance with the multi-stage purification process and discharged only after the products pass the export inspection and reach the standards.According to the processing process, it can be divided into two stages:

Primary treatment: removal of insoluble solids from chemical waste by filtration.General use filter screen and other filtering equipment.After the primary treatment, the waste cannot meet the discharge standard, so it needs to continue the follow-up treatment.

Secondary treatment: the main removal of chemical waste organic pollutants, toxic and harmful inorganic salts, sulfide, nitride and other soluble toxic and harmful substances.Its main principle is through the study of the adsorption of chemical pollutants in waste, ion exchange, REDOX, generate precipitation method is toxic and harmful substances into harmless substance or insoluble in water sediment, to achieve the purpose of pollutant removal of chemical waste, in a larger extent, finally realize the purification treatment of industrial waste.

上海实施'史上最严'垃圾分类 化工废料该何去何从

Nowadays, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention by the national government, and environmental protection is no longer a slogan. At present, the national government has formulated detailed laws and regulations from enterprises to individuals, and implemented them strictly, so that laws are no longer just "lying on paper".The recycling and treatment of chemical industry wastes should be enforced. Faced with repeated problems of dumping chemical wastes, the state and the government should pay more attention to it. While punishing it severely, the research and development of science and technology should be strengthened to promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole chemical industry.

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