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Safe handling of organic peroxides

Issuing time:2019-09-05 09:03

1. Organic peroxides are oxidizable and inflammable, which should be handled with caution.Store in a cool and ventilated place and keep the container closed.Stay away from fire and heat.Avoid contact with rust.Keep away from reductant heavy metals, alkali metals, desiccant, accelerators, inflammable substances and other chemicals.Do not weigh the product in the warehouse.The storage temperature indicated on the product label should be observed

2.Second, explosion risk: never make peroxide and accelerator mixed together, must be added to the resin separately.

3.The peroxide must be stored in the original drum.Excess peroxide should not be put back into the drum and should be collected carefully.Contact with rust, dust, dirt, accelerators, and many other chemicals may result in a violent s-solution reaction

4. Wear safety gloves and goggles when using peroxide, as even diluted peroxide may corrodes the skin or eyes.

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