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Storage and transportation of oxidants and organic peroxides

Issuing time:2019-07-11 17:20

1.Oxidants should be stored in a clean, cool, ventilated and dry warehouse.Keep away from fire and heat source, prevent sunlight exposure, lighting equipment should be explosion-proof.

2.The warehouse should not leak and should prevent acid mist intrusion.It is strictly prohibited to mix and store with acid, inflammable, organic matter, reducing agent, self-igniting articles and wet inflammable articles.

3.Different kinds of oxidants, should be based on their nature and different fire methods, choose the appropriate warehouse classification storage and classification transportation.For example, organic peroxide shall not be stored and transported with inorganic oxidant.Nitrite, chlorite and sub-chlorite shall not be mixed with other oxidants for storage and transportation.Peroxide should be placed in special inventory, special vehicle transport.

4.In the process of storage and transportation, loading, unloading and handling shall be handled with care, and no throwing or rolling shall be allowed to avoid friction, collision and explosion.Special attention should be paid to chlorate and organic peroxides.

5.Transport should be carried separately, not with acid, inflammable goods, spontaneous combustion goods, wet inflammable goods, organic matter, reducing agent equivalent car mixed.

6.The warehouse shall be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned before and after storage and loading and unloading of transportation vehicles.Prevent to mix with organic matter, inflammable and other impurities.

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