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2012 annual gao jiyu, Diane bursary award ceremony was held

On January 7, 2013, the 2012 scholarship award ceremony for gao jiyu and dai anbang awards of nanjing university was held in xianlin university student activity center.They are group chairman Yang Zongyi, jiangsu chemical co., LTD., chairman of strong function should be chi yao, guangdong ji bo antibody pharmaceutical co., LTD., general manager of seats ShangZhong, vice secretary of the party as a sword, alumni association, student worker, chemical engineering, mental health education and research center related leaders attended the ceremony.The award presentation ceremony was presided over by deputy director-general soo man bin.

Zhang suogeng, secretary-general of alumni association, read out the awarding decision of 2012 nanjing university gao jiyu and dai anbang bursary, chemical engineering

Twenty students from the college and ten students from other departments with excellent academic performance and poor families received the grant.Yang zongyi, ying zhiyao, xi shangzhong alumni and other donors issued certificates for the students.For the students in a difficult environment by their own efforts admitted to nanjing university, the alumni who participated in the award ceremony expressed appreciation and blessing, and through sharing their own hard work experience and continuous self-improvement process, encourage students to set up a great ideal, hard study, dedication love, back to the Alma mater, give back to the community.

In his speech, deputy secretary ren lijian first of all, on behalf of the school, thanked alumni fu heliang, the prize giver, Yang zongyi, ying zhiyao, xi shangzhong and other alumni for their care and support for the Alma mater and their generous support for the school junior, which is not only a kind of material support, but also a kind of spiritual inspiration and inheritance.Secretary ren introduced the two major characteristics of gao jiyu and dai anbang foundation, which are respecting teachers and being open in all aspects. He hoped that students could feel the warmth of the society and the school while receiving the fund, strive to improve themselves, be grateful, and give back to the society and the motherland when they are capable of doing so.

To commemorate Gao Jiyu, Dai Anbang academician's contribution to the chemical enterprise in our country, to carry forward their spirit of selfless devotion to scientific research and education work, chemical engineering in our school alumni and Dr Bright fu donated to launch in 2010 of the "nanjing university Gao Jiyu, Dai Anbang grant funds", in the form of grants funded scholarship, family economic difficulties students.This grant fund is an open-end fund. Since its establishment, it will accept donations from all alumni and all sectors of the society.

Prior to the award ceremony, deputy secretary ren also presided over the 2012 annual meeting of the management committee of nanjing university's gao jiyu and dai anbang awards fund.

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